Another Prius illustration

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And it doesn’t look very realistic.
These guys are amazing at keeping a secret.

We’ll see everything in Detroit, I think.
Again, a Lexus version will show up a year later.

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  1. what’s with the maxima-esque headlights? lol… actually comparing to past renderings, the single-level headlight cluster, the shape of the mini rear window and even the position of the hood emblem make sense to me. I also like the foglight position, and the hood is very 2nd-gen-esque (the 1st gen wasn’t even available in the US, btw)

  2. Its an illustration, not the finalized production model. Toyota do go to great lengths to cover up their new models before release.
    They dont seem to have to “hype” up their models.

  3. This illustration is the closest to the real thing I ever seen so far. Yes, the headlight is “Maxima’s Style”. Air dam looks similar but more aggressive set back. THe wheels won’t be that big but 17″ will be offered. Side mirror will be similar to the new Lexuses that the base of it will be extended from the door but not from the window frame. The windows will be much shorter than that in the picture and more streamline profile.
    Steering is still numb as usual for the EMPS, but steering feedback is greatly improved over the current Prius. 3 driving mode will be offered : Normal, ECO, and Power. Under power mode, the car feels actually pretty fast. FOr the first time, EV switch will be offered. NO more LCD color screen will be offered for non-NAVI model, but an oversized green IP display will be standard. THe new car also come with the new lane departure assist system similar to the LS.
    Dash design will be an overhaul compared to the current model. Attractive design similar to the European Corolla model – Blade.
    Don’t expect too much on the fuel economy, but with the bigger engine (1.8L), bigger heavier body and smaller electric motors, real world combined fuel economy is around 60-63 MPG, a 10% improvement over the current model.

  4. The volt is not a bad looking vehicle but unfortunately it will become victim to reliability issues due to rushing it release and lack of testing. Ill take a tried and tested prius thanks.

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