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I know it looks good, but this is still just an illustration.

Audi will be back in the small car market (After the A2 a few years ago) with some competition for the Mini, Alfa MiTo, Fiat 500 and other fancy tiny European hatchbacks.
Not sure if they will try it over here. But they might.
It is a big mistake to think gas prices will continue to drop in the US after the beginning of the year.
We will see more and more small cars on our roads. Even GM just announced they will produce 70 000 more Cobalts for 2009.

So a really small Audi.. Why not….

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  1. It looks like a Fiat 500 that got beaten with an ugly stick. Keep this in Germany and let us have the Fiat.

  2. Vince, I would really like to know what economic drivers compell you to conclude that “it is a big mistake to think gas prices will continue to drop in the US after the beginning of the year.”

    Is there some major post-Christmas event you know about that is going to occur and you won’t share this knowledge with us?

  3. Sounds like Vince is saying the Bush is forcing (How? I don’t know) prices lower so McCain can win. If that happens BushChimpeyMcHitler will raise prices again(How? I don’t know).

  4. That’s funny, I don’t remember saying that. Ever…

    I just talked to people I know In the oil industry.
    It always happens before elections. Just a “normal” trend . This is what they do. It’s neither right or wrong, it just is.

  5. Put the new TDI from the Jetta in this= luxury, sport, and economy. This could easily be Audi’s best seller

  6. anonymous and anonymous.. why would you assume Vince is wrong? It is true that gas prices have dropped before the two most recent presidential elections.. and rebounded (plus some) after the inaugurations. And as for questioning HOW the Bush administration could compel (if not force) their Oil buddies to lower prices.. what does the word BUDDY mean to you? They would gladly give up a small portion of their TRILLION dollar quarterly profits, lowering prices enough to elect another Republican and thus ensure 4 more years of profits.

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