Bob Lutz interview

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On the Colbert report!
Talking about what Colbert call the Chevy Gore.
And Mr. Lutz trying to defend his “position” on global warming…(Co2 isn’t causing it)

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  1. what a knucklehead, GM needs to dump this guy. He is bad for public relations. he’s probably quoting pseudo-scientists from crazy christian, bush loving, colleges. if he wanted to play his cards right, he should just say,”pollution is bad, this car doesn’t pollute that much.” (even though it pushes pollution from the tail pipe to the coal burning factories.)
    making fun of crunchy women will really help to bob. They would rather see you out of business than pay 40K for this…

  2. Oh my God!
    I can’t believe it – this guy is such an embarrassment, and he is supposed to be the guy who “gets it” at GM?
    He is helping to run GM into the ground, and he would like to have a shot at the US government?
    Having just seen this video, it is clear to me that GM has no chance of a come back.

  3. He certainly is a little stiff isn’t he. But he is a brilliant guy because, from what I’m seeing lately, GM is headed in the right direction. About damn time!

  4. this guy is a dud, ever wonder how these people climb all the way to the top of such a big company??? Another real loser is the president of Nissan Canada, Mark Grimm, the future for Nissan in that country is just that, Grim, with him at the Helm. He is clueless and really out of touch. he runs the company from the states?????? Nissan makes great cars, but the leadership in Canada is non-existent. The Company and dealers deserve much much better!

  5. Oh, I love Bob Lutz. Hate this show generally, but fun to see it this time.

    The Hummer comment was priceless…

  6. “…pseudo-scientists from crazy christian, bush loving…”

    Well, that’s redundant. 😉

    I like the concept of this car (even though it just puts out pollution from a coal-fired plant instead of the exhaust), but it’s to expensive for my budget. And even more so now that the economy is tanking.

    If we have more electric cars soon, we’re going to have to clean up electricity plant emissions, and boy will the industry scream and holler about that.

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