Brilliance BS4 on sale in Germany next month

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They claim the price will start at 16 000 Euros. For the 1.6 Liter engine.
A larger 1.8 Liter will be an option.

I am not sure but that sounds pretty cheap for European prices.
Can anyone here from Europe tell us what else you guys can buy for around 16 000 Euros???

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  1. Mid-level renault clio, nice fiat 500, recent used mid-level ford focus… maybe a heavily-marked-down stripper golf…

  2. MSRP for base Honda Civic 5 door is 16,550 €
    Toyota Auris is 15,700 €
    Ford Focus 15,000 €
    Chevy Nubira Wagon 16,090 €
    Nissan TIlda (Versa) 16,340 €
    Golf Plus (5 door) is 17.800,00 €
    Ford C-Max 18,500 €

  3. For example in Poland with that amount of money u could buy – basic version of toyota corolla, seat leon, honda city, new mitsubishi lancer, nissan tida…. so 16000 euros for no-name, no-prestige, not-known-quality car doesn’t sound like occasion in my country 😉

  4. Hi all , in Spain all makers are selling 40% less than last year so you can get very good Focus, Astras, Auris, Leons, Citroen C4 and so on at about euro16000. Note that gas gallon is here next to 8$!!! so… who is going to buy the chinese car?

  5. love the name too. brilliance BS! what a stick-it-in-your face kinda name. that the chinese for you!!!

    chairman mao must be rolling in his grave laughing!!

    as in “Tee-da” not Tilda, like “matilda”.

  7. I can’t bloody wait to read with CAR (the uk mag) has to say about this.

    I can see the headline. “BS4 us?”

  8. Brilliance (idiotic, overpromise of a name) provides a compelling reason to buy a used German or Japanese car.

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