Buick Enclave review coming up

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That’s right, the Enclave.

A big car based SUV. Not what I’m usually used to.
So far. It does drive like a much smaller car. But that doesn’t mean it uses less gas…

More later.
As usual, if you have any questions, go ahead…

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  1. Very curious what your observations will be. I’ve been considering one but would like to know the real world fuel economy. If it gets an average of 16 mpg, all bets are pretty much off.

  2. Funny you mention it, but so far I have been getting just a bit under 17mpg. With about 30% freeway.

    And yes, the wood does not look real to me either. It actually looks pretty fake and that’s too bad.
    It should be a bit darker…
    But the wood on the steering wheel does look real.
    And it is a shade darker.
    Go figure…

  3. In regards to the wood…that’s because the steering wheel actually IS real wood. The rest in the interior is faux, but in my experience, aside from maybe a hair more gloss is extremely close.

    The Enclave interior is just a knockout, even in cloth trim which we almost bought once. The drive–and that utter silence and creaminess without being at all floaty–just wows you. Can’t wait to see what you think, “big” aside;)

  4. From what I’ve read; Enclave is both quieter and smoother riding than anything from Lincoln, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, even Cadillac! It gets better mileage than ANY suv that has as much interior volume or towing capacity (4000-5600lbs). After 6 minivans, I’m seriously considering an SUV instead — mostly because the Enclave has more of the car-like quality and less of the trucky harshness of Odessy,Sienna, or Caravan 4.0. 5-star crash tests are the icing on the cake. –and I can tow my trailer without getting jerked around the way Durango and Sequoia jiggle you to death. Say what you want about American cars, but I believe this one has everybody beat — and it even looks good!

  5. I am in no means a SUV person, however, this past vacation I rented a GMC Acadia for a week to haul a bunch of stuff on a family vacation to the Outer Banks. Needless to say, every aspect of the car exceeded my expectations. Highway gas mileage was around 23; city was 16. Overall quality was superior, engine was refined and peppy, interior was nicely laid out (Enclave is much nicer), and handled very well. Anyway, this is the first SUV I could see myself owning. It was a nice change of pace!

  6. Yes, you have to compare this to other big SUV/CUV like the Tahoe, Mercedes G, Toyota Sequoia and Highlander. Not to a Rav 4 or Camry. Apples to Apples. The 09 model gets DI engine with bit more power and economy. They drive and handle great for a large vehicle

  7. Is this the 2009 model with the new DI V6 engine? How is the low end torque on the Direct Injection engine?…Launch feel.

  8. What is “real wood” supose to look like? Is that air you are breathing or is the air breathing you?

  9. Wife has the GMC Acadia version. Gets 23mpg mixed in this big crossover. Engine a bit underpowered and does not seem to mesh with 6 spd trans as well as a Toyota does. She’s happy with it and I feel safe turing her loose with my kids in world where no one is paying attention to where they are driving.

  10. Sheesh, the name sounds like a gated community with golf courses behind each house. “The Enclave”

    How lame.

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