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Just thought these PR photos were kind of interesting just because they show a bit of the Chevy Cruze in another color…

Here is the official text that came with it:

“United Auto Workers Vice President Cal Rapson, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm and General Motors Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner check out the 2010 Chevrolet Cruze Thursday, Sept. 25, 2008, in Flint, Michigan. Wagoner announced GM will be building a new $359 million engine plant in Flint to produce two new 4-cylinder engines for use in the Cruze and Chevrolet Volt.”

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  1. Well the Governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm, had nothing to do with this. I mean she is nothing more than a photogenic mouth peice, dragged out for state functions, and other pro-Michigan events… oh, maybe I am getting Michigan and Alaska mixed up again.

  2. I am so glad to hear that GM is reinvesting in Flint. The good people there have been suffering terribly from all the previous GM closures there over the last 20 years. I wish them nothing but success.

  3. Both Granholm and Rapson are parasites…Why are they there? I will never buy an American car as long as GM employs the UAW. I will never support political violence.

  4. look at that big dummy wagoner. he’s the loser everyone made fun of in grade school. he looks slow.

  5. nice looking car. but, has GM learned that in two years, they need to give significant cosmetic changes to keep interest??? – just like Honda and Toyota.

  6. “No surprise”, that’s a bit mean, don’t you think?
    How would you feel if an anonymous person made a hateful comment about you. And to be honest, he
    looks more like the bully to me.

  7. I don’t want to sound alarmist, but Rick Wagoner looks like he is in pain. His stance, closed hands, grimaced face all say he is in pain. It could be something as simple is bad shoes, but that is the impression I get.

  8. He is in pain cause he has to share a stage with two filthy parasites who use political violence to extract a bogus income.

  9. dont judge pedro, thats a mean and hateful comment, calling someone a bully, you are the bully Pedros

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