Chevrolet Orlando Concept

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Sure would have been nice to get this one over here…

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  1. It has only been announced that it will not be built in Michigan. We very well might get teh same car, but built in Korea..

  2. Why do we need another “crossover”?
    They should just adopt this styling to the next HRR which is too much of a copy of the PT Cruiser right now.

  3. To the first poster. That’s actually a good idea. Failing that, I think GM may still bring this to the States, just later than originally expected.

    There were rumors that this car was going to be the next HHR because GM has said the next gen HHR would drop its retro styling and grow in size with 3 row seating. The Orlando fitted that bill perfectly. But with the Equinox moving up to three rows and the Traverse already hitting the market there is little need for another Chevy like this. But I can definitely see it as a GMC.

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