Fiat 500 Convertible?

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Not yet.

We’ll have to wait for the Paris show for the real thing. Meanwhile we get to see this version from Castagna.
And it’s not only a convertible, it is an electric car too. Able to reach about 80mph and has a range of about 85 miles on a 4 hour charge.
Not bad for a “beach car”.

I say this is the perfect car for lifeguards in California.

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  1. They made these in the past. They called them a Fiat Jolly and the chopped top by Pininfarina came with wicker seats. I saw one at auction in Montery in August. Bought alot of money.

  2. Even in style-conscious Italy, chicks don’t wear spiked heels to the beach, butt still, I wouldn’t mind charging that little italian number’s battery for 4 hours.

  3. I can live with this woman in front of this car (unlike the volt pictures a few posts below)!!!!

    this car looks like a golf car!

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