Honda Insight Concept

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One of these “Concepts” that are pretty much the real thing.
Except for some details and trims.

It should be on sale before next summer and prices will start at around $18500 in the US. Honda is planning to sell at least 100000 of these a year over here.

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  1. looks like a toyota primus or pius or whatever that P.O.S. is called….anyhoo, why do these cars need to be ugly???????????????

  2. The right car at the right time.

    Honda deserves its success and people will stand in line to buy this car.

  3. Jeez, c’mon people, you can’t be that stupid.

    What shape would you suggest?

    You’d pick a SUV shape wouldn’t you.

    Maybe you are that stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The !!!s are my homage to you. You may have to look up homage. It’s ok, it’s not a bad word.

    BTW, the e e cummings things really isn’t working.

  4. Aerodynamic shapes can be ugly but are effective. More effective than a greedy gas guzzling SUV P.O.S. !

  5. because that shape is the recipe for the MPG it gets….thats why, but not necessarily ugly…its better then the P.O.S u prolly drive

  6. Thanks to demand, waiting lists and dealer markups it’ll probably cost $18500 just to sit in one. Actually buying one will no doubt cost more.

  7. Looks much better then the Toyota Prius in my opinion, and would consider this if the shape is about the same.

    Funny, some hate different shape of cars and go out of their way to post stupid remarks on forums, so my my answer is, don’t buy it, because many others will, including me.

  8. Nice LED headlights and foglights! Hope they stay true. I can do without that bling-bling rims.

    Can you see Honda salesmen rejoicing!! and of course the mark-ups for all those mis-sale to the Prius.

    Payback time is a BITCH!!!!!!

  9. The LED headlights and foglights won’t make it to production, but the shape and gas mileage will.

    Forget the celebutard bling-bling Prius, which is probably going to cost as much as the Volt with dealer markups.

    This baby is my next car.

  10. People say the prius is looking ugly, etc. What do you expect, it has been out since 2003. New model next year. This thing will be ugly in 5 years as well.

  11. Seems nobody likes hatchbacks except for the treehuggers…This one might sell for Honda at this price.

  12. It seems GM have to hype up their vehicles a year or so before they are built. The volt could turn out to be a major anti-climax when its released if it doesnt promise what its supposed to do. Then the waiting lists, etc.
    I am in the market for a hybrid next year. I would perhaps go for one of these or a new prius.
    Basically because they have a bit more experience in this type of technology and they have been tried and tested.

  13. Looks like Honda did my car shopping for me. A Nissan Cube was my first choice but I’ll take a Honda hybrid for a few grand more.

  14. i knew you honda freaks would respond like big babies when i made the obvious statement that this is a toyota copy, grow up, it’s very ugly and if this were optimal in design,( wind tunnels were invented a long time ago), every car would be this ugly, thank goodness they are not. sorry honda dweebs, and you are dweebs, this is a very weak toy copy.

  15. “c’mon people” has “issues”.

    Yes, wind tunnels were invented a long time ago. But, if you want the ultimage shape with adequate packaging you are always going to come up with something like this, regardless of who builds it.

    Show us a shape that you think would meet the desired parameters.

    And not some pie in sky product.

    Something had holds 4 to 5 people, their stuff, and meets international mandated standards of safety.

    A link will do.

    I like the way the “stupid” factor from your 1st post seems to have disappeared and your internal ugliness has shown up. So many demons.

  16. i am soooo happy another honda fool made us aware of how rediculous their loyalty to honda is, junk is junk and honda is the king of garbage, this dud is the toyota copy icing on the cake, . i love the rage that comes up when their company makes such a giant, obvious mistake.

  17. live , laugh, love, that’s my mantra, but ugly is ugly. I am having a ball reading all the responses from the honda sheep, please, kind, simple, sheep, keep them coming. great entertainment on a Friday!

  18. priusses (priui? prii??) are selling for beyond 30k where i live… used. curbstoners have been turning substantial profits due to the social desire for these types of vehicles…

    for $18,500, i think i could ignore the fact that these vehicles have a negative net energy savings and make a few bucks myself…

  19. I think I would rather buy a hybrid version of a mainstream product than buy a dedicated hybrid model. At least a mainstream product hybrid doesn't look like an awkward space-age appliance. I respect the tech and understand the aerodynamic efficiency of the shape, but it isn't something that appeals to me. I would gladly sacrifice a little fuel efficiency to drive a mainstream product hybrid that has a more appealing shape.

    I don't have anything against a well executed hatchback design either (I think the Mazda3 5-door and upcoming Fiesta 5-door are both great designs), but I just don't find these egg-shape dedicated hybrid designs (Prius & Insight) to be attractive at all.

  20. Looking for a mainstream product?

    THIS is a mainstream product!

    It’s a bloody Honda! They’re one of the the largest, most successful, and most diversified automobile companies in the world. Their dealers are everywhere. Hondas last so long, their owners drive them hundreds of thousands of miles. Hondas are so reliable, they’re among the most popular cars to thieves!

    My girlfriend drives a 2000 Insight. It’s got nearly 120,000 miles on the odometer, and still gets 72 miles per gallon on the highway (she’s got a light foot), around 45 or 50 in the city. If this is supposed to compete with the 2010 Prius, it should get equal or better mileage.

    Call me uppity, but that makes this a mainstream affordable vehicle.

  21. Honda and Toyota should team up together with their hybrids, they both have the technology and have been in this game for years, far longer than any other car maker.

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