Hyundai i20

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Replacing the Getz in Europe, the tiny i20 look.. Very European.
The Getz was never sold in the US, but who knows about this one if gas prices keep going up…

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  1. This one is nice…They are not trying to do stupid lines that just make the design childishly wierd.

  2. This should compete with the 206, Corsa and Fiesta? Compared to these cars, the i20 is bland and a little frumpy.

  3. To me, it looks a little too much like the Yaris.. though as someone above said, it isn’t quite as awkwardly detailed. This may be the perfect time for Hyundai to offer a sub-Accent in the US.

  4. Considering the i30 Wagon is about to become the US’ Elantra Touring, then theoretically the i20 should be the new Accent, and the i10 would be the sub-Accent.

    Regardless, the thought of this with Hyundai’s new 90-hp 1.4 162 lb/ft CRDi diesel … that’d be an ideal commuter car.

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