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The new i20 replaces the Getz. A small car that was never sold in the US.

But Hyundai is now seriously considering importing the i20 over here.
It would be a car cheaper than the $11 000 Accent.
And a Hybrid version is in the works as well.

A good idea if you ask me. I think the “small a fuel efficient” car market will pretty much explode in the US over the next few years. And whoever has something in that segment will be cashing in.

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  1. a handsome small car, much nicer looking and modern than the Accent, though sort of Peugeot-ish derivative. here’s hoping Hyundai NA gets to bring it over.

  2. ^^^
    WTF? Is it just me or is something fishy
    about the fact that both of those posts
    are exactly the same format and they
    both have blogs with no posts.

    Anyway, I think the i20 is quite
    a looker, and will probably make
    it’s way over here to go head-to-
    head against rivals like the Yaris.

  3. Seems about the size of our chevy aveo so im sure it would sell well cause i see the crappy ass aveos everywhere here in car crazy so cal, also see the getz alot on our streets with mexican tags on it and that thing is small but kinda cute, and this new version is 100 times nicer !

  4. Nice…. I just don’t understand how Asian carmakers can come out with a constant stream of new product while the Am. manufacturers can’t. How old is the Focus? Escape? Cobalt? Chevys etc. The Taurus is just an old 500. Still making the Lincoln Town Car.

    No wonder they are in such bad shape.

  5. Getz very successful in Australia. This will be too. They really should try it in the US market. The time is here and now for cars like this.

  6. “Getz very successful in Australia.”

    Veddy good Engrish.

    The “GTO” is also a success in Austrailia. How things sell in Aus has not been a good forecast of how they’ll sell here. These cars will end up in the junkyard before anyone knows they exists. I mean, c’mon, anyone who is interested in this is going to naturally go to a toyota dealer, and will buy a Yaris by mistake. Anyone who realizes that it’s a Hyundai will buy a Yaris, just to avoid buying a Hyundai.

  7. I wasn’t expecting to have to say this of a non-chinese car, but I’m going to go ahead and say it: it’s a blatant rip-off of the Opel Corsa!

  8. nice copy of the Satur Astra, and Nissan Murano and some other things from other manufacturer put together..

  9. “Anyone who realizes that it’s a Hyundai will buy a Yaris, just to avoid buying a Hyundai.”

    If that were the case then why is Hyundai the 5th largest automaker in the world and 6th in the US?
    Gotta love the way people keep sleeping on Hyundai.

  10. theft, staeling last Nissan Mrano rear 3/4, these duds in this poor company can’t be original, also very similar to Italian car, lancia I believe.

  11. “theft, staeling last Nissan Mrano rear 3/4, these duds in this poor company can’t be original”-yaaaasLOL. Nissan stole the back quarter design from a car from the 70’s There’s nothing new under the sun.

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