Hyundai Sant Fe Hybrid

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Sure, this is just the “concept” version for the Paris Auto Show.

But this will come out very soon
as a production model. Using a 2.4 Liter gas engine on top of the electric motor. Matted to a 6 speed auto.
Apparently getting 38mpg average.

This is really good news.

Let’s hope the dual sunroof set up also makes it to production…

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  1. Mileage is actually rather around 30mpg:
    – cnverted from 44 imperial mpg is 37mpg
    – 2nd European EEC mpg’s are on average 20% higher than US EPA standards which would end up at about 30mpg.

    Still about 50% better that non-Hybrid which is pretty good.
    Compared to Highlander almost 20% better plus probably much more reasonable premium Hybrid price.

  2. WHOA… a hybrid! This is hardly a concept. More like a lemming. It’s not new technology, it’s an old, ugly SUV. This is the lamest “Concept” I’ve ever seen. There’s no reason that Hyundai shouldn’t be showing a working, pre-production vehicle.

  3. WHOA… it is a pre-production vehicle, just labeled a “Concept” to get it some more attention when they take off the silly decals and show us the same vehicle in 5 months, calling it a pre-production prototype. They are taking a page from GM when it comes to their marketing approach.

  4. Very late to the game by an awfully huge margin. And with an old truck complete space-aged stickers applied to the doors.

    Embarrassed for Hyundai.

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