Chevrolet Malibu drive, to Malibu…

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So far so good.

I did drive the Malibu before in Memphis, so it feels pretty familiar.
The new 6 speed auto is great. And smooth. Maybe not as super smooth as the VW 6 speed auto, but still very nice.

Just a few notes:
-The steering feel seems different than the 2.4 L Aura I was driving before. But also not the same as previous 2.4 L Malibus I’ve driven.I wonder if that’s been revised or if my LT1 model is different.
It’s just not as good as the others.
-The ride is amazing.
-The car is basically at least as quiet as a Lexus .
-I don’t really like the rental car look of the grey cloth interior. But that changes when you get another color. Or leather.
-That “little shake” in the steering wheel I noticed in the Aura and the G6 is still there. It’s almost nothing and most people won’t notice it but it’s there.
Not sure where that comes from. But as I said before, I also experienced it in the Lexus RX…

More later…

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  1. The ’09 Malibu no longer has euro-style side marker lights.
    Could you please take a closer picture of that area of the car.

  2. That’s interesting, I’ve seen several ’09’s and they had the side marker light. Wonder why this one doesn’t have it. Vince, maybe you could ask your rep about it.

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