Mercedes Benz Fascination Concept Video

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I like it.
The next CLK should be a really nice car if it turns out close to this. Even without the hatchback.
mercedes needs to start designing cars that look more upscale.
I really like the current S Class. And the C class actually does have a pretty upscale look to it.
But most of their other new models look cheap.

The GLK is an abomination.

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  1. you can say waht you want t but the krauts will never make good cars like us this thing is a nightmare and i g

  2. Mercedes Benze is the ultimate snob status wannabee car. Thier following is old and young hip folks do not want to be associated with MB. Thier quaility and dealers service suck too.
    Thats why BMW, Lexus and Acura have made big inroads so fast.

  3. Don’t forget Tesla, the ultimate “i’m a millionaire non-conformist who is so rich he can afford not to buy gas” whip.

    It’s the ultimate guilt mitigator for that garage full of Land Rovers, Lamborghinis and vintage muscle cars that get 10 mpg.

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