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It’s no secret Mini is working on a crossover/Small SUV car.
They’ve been testing prototypes for ever…

But this is a bit of a disappointment.
It really now start not even looking like a Mini.
I don’t really see the point of this.

I think a 4 door version of the regular Mini would have been a better idea. I guess they came up with this when SUVs were still popular.
Must most of that image is now down the toilet…

But again, the Clubman concept didn’t really look like the production car that came out after.
So this one might be the same story…

Who knows…

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  1. I think the design will be more conventional like 90% of the concepts out there when headed to production. This will end up with 4 doors, but I am not sure if the the swing out trunk door is a fantasy or not. What I think will hurt this car will be the price. A base Clubman S starts out $ 23K while the base is around $ 21k. I am guessing that AWD mated to the base will be too weak for the job, so with the S under the hood
    in this particular car, I am guessing it will start at $ 30k. For that price, we are talking EX35 and Murano which offer a better engine…but who knows? You might save money with a plain Jane Forester.

  2. Awesome site Vince-thanks for all the great news. I check this site several times a day hoping for updates. Completely disagree with you here though-this thing looks hot! I just hope it isn’t too big. Should be not much bigger than the Clubman IMO.

  3. It looks like a frog on a backpacking trip.

    I welcome an AWD mini “cross”.

    And this will be the first four-door Mini ever, right?

    But yes, this is the Conan O’Brien “if they mated” offspring of the Infiniti FX50 and the Mini.

    Hope it gets good mileage…

  4. That is not a Mini, it’s an X3 with different fascia. I would rather have a Kia Soul…oh did I really just say that?

  5. This Mini is unbelievably ugly. Especially the front. The backside is ok…But let’s hope the other Mini’s won’t get that look, too.

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