More pictures of the all new Kia Forte

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The more I see pictures of it the more I think this could really hurt the Corolla and Civic crowd.
It looks really nice.

I’m not sure how much cheaper it’ll be than the others. But I think the new Soul will improve Kia’s image a lot.
And it might actually help the Forte.

We’ll see…

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  1. See that first picture?

    Why aren’t they selling the Chevy Volt that way? Heads up, GM:


    Now sell us on it!

  2. They took the lights of the JDM Civic and gave it bush button start, the morons at Honda should have thought about doing this instead of giving us the $ 1.50 upgrade

  3. This looks great! If the reliability is there, Japan better watch out! I’d drive this car if I was in the market for a compact. Nav too?

  4. The Forte looks really sharp. Especially in red… I wouldn’t mind owning one~

    PS: Are those korean gurls? wowee 😀

  5. I like it. Good design and nice interior unlike the Civic dash which is a total mess.

    Why can’t Americans produce product like this? The Japanese and Koreans introduce new product after new product and American car makers lumber along with little or no new product. Focus? How old is that? Cobalt? Nothing new there.

    It is a shame. The American car industry is on its last breath.

  6. “I’d toss that girl’s salad”


    bravo, Vince, for posting that guy (or girl’s?) comment.

    Mmmm, tossed salad…

  7. If only the Optima and Amanti were this inspired, the girls would lean on those as well.

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