More pictures of the Ford Fiesta

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In a really boring color.
And it still looks great.

This is the Euro model, so let’s hope they don’t ruin it when it comes over here.

The previous Focus had much better materials inside for the European market.
Even though both cars looked the same…

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  1. wow it looks great .. even has the keyless drive! however there are too many buttons on the right side of the center console.

    you know ford will ‘water it down’ for us americans.

  2. My absolute favorite thing about this car are those driving lites, im quite sure every manufactur will copy them cause there so damn kewl looking. now for the awkward rear end i hope no one copys that !

  3. Yes this color is vanilla, literally. Love the car, maybe they will make one with a powerful engine as well as the more ecologically friendly engines!

  4. This will be Fords first real world car…Remember the Escort? What a piece of crap that was. The Euro Fiest is a pretty good driver’s car with a proper Mazda engine. This thing is like only 140″ long.

  5. i like the look, but also wondering about what i’ve read regarding the quality of cars from the mexican ford plants.

  6. Daewoo dash . the grille on the now defuct Daewoos was just like this dash. Although GM still pawns daewoos off on us in disguise.

  7. Why do they have to use a mazda engine, whats wrong with their own.
    Another cheap copout.
    Might as well buy a mazda.

  8. Vince!
    You are THE ONLY ONE automotive news provider brave enough to mention this car! (really check all the mags), and if you mention that the diesel version gets 76mpg you will most likely be arrested so… run as the “domestics” agents are most likely on the way!

  9. the guy who said this has an old Daewoo dash needs to be shot! Daewoo!!! Plzzzz, this looks miles different and better than anything else before it

  10. Looks real good, even in these colors. Yea that “Ford Power” button is just adorable is’nt it?

  11. “Why do they have to use a mazda engine, whats wrong with their own.Another cheap copout.
    Might as well buy a mazda.”

    What a retarded bitter comment. Guess who owns a controlling stake in Mazda. One guess. It would be just as accurate to say that Mazda uses Ford engines.

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