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It does look much more modern than the old one.
But still.

After seeing a few of the new Citroen C5 in person. And many pictures of the new Opel Insignia, I don’t think Toyota is up to the European level as far as design and personality are concerned.
It still looks much more generic than the European competition.
The new Euro Mazda6 seems much closer to what Europeans would like. Especially the wagon.

But it could do quite well in the US if the market keeps changing towards smaller cars.
This would make a nice smaller Camry.

Thanks to a reader for these.

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  1. Dear Toyota,

    When your headlamps blister out into odd protrusions, your vehicle designs look retarded, or more precisely, the look even more retarded than usual.

    Someone with taste

  2. It would make sense to release these worldwide.
    Great looking vewhicle.
    If they came over here i would be interested in one.

  3. Yuk! What’s this car supposed to be? A sporty sedan? A business representitive car? It tries to be all but turns out to be a bulky, ugly and somehow outdated car.

    Mazda, Opel and Citroen will have a good laugh.

  4. Damn it Burlapp, why do you show us all these good looking cars the European’s are getting. All it does is make us angry. We are sick of getting second-rate, ugly vehicles. Toyota is definately going the way of GM.

  5. Ick, I thought this was a good looking vehicle before I saw that front end. Our Camry looks better…..probably because I’ve gotten used to it however.

  6. wow…more hideous than i expected.

    it’s like the sheetmetal of the car decided to do “the wave”.

  7. These are very popular over in europe. I have driven a previous model and the ride and handling quality + comfort are pretty much up there with the luxury cars.
    I was quite impressed.

  8. It looks pretty modern and nice, which is refreshing coming from Toyota…they usually play it way too safe.

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