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For the Chinese market.

As you can see, this is basically the new Opel Insignia with a Buick nose.
We are getting something much better in the US. Our new La Crosse will be based on the Insignia but will have its own design.
Just like the next Malibu.
We should be getting the original Insignia design as our next Saturn Aura.

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  1. “We should be getting the original Insignia design as our next Saturn Aura”

    Actually we won’t. According to Bob Lutz, the next Aura will be built on the same platform, but will have it’s own unique exterior and interior styling.

  2. I agree with the second blogger. This car will not arrive in the U.S. as the next gen Aura. Bob Lutz said the next gen Aura will be its own car with a different exterior/interior design.

    As far as I know, this car will slot below the next gen LWB Eps II LaCrosse (AKA the Invicta inspired sedan) in Buick of China’s lineup. Since Buick of China is getting both cars, why not do the same in North America? This car is on the SWB Eps II platform and has a 4-door coupe design while the next gen LaCrosse is on the LWB Eps II platform and has a more upright sedan design. I think there would be room in Buick’s North American lineup for both cars.

  3. Buick, Lincoln, Acura TL–all stirred up and baked into a composite cake. OK, but not really delicious.

  4. imho there will only be this one generation of Aura – Saturn needs to go back to specializing in small cars – tho a bit more upscale than before.

    but if they want to do an Epi2 crossover as a Saturn, that could work.

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