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Actually a rebadged version of the new Opel Insignia, as you can see.
It’s basically an Opel with a Buick grille. And it still looks good.

So far this is for China only. Although there have been some rumors lately about offering this in the US alongside the all new, but larger, LaCrosse. Even though the LaCrosse is based on the same platform.
I think both cars would be too close, but who knows….

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  1. what is the point. kill buick now. same goes with pontiac. leave chevy and cadillac to run gm.

    i’ve already spent 250b and don’t want any more billions to bail out gm!!!!!

  2. With the new LaCrosse being on the same platform why don’t they just drop the LaCrosse name and call it what it should be…a Regal. Oh and while Buick is at it a rebadged Cruise as a Skylark. With the current design theme of Buick on the Cruise they’d have a winner.

  3. Nice car. But it would not make sense to market this version here as a Buick because it looks nearly identical to the Saturn. It’s fine for China, which doesn’t have Saturn and where Buick is thriving. GMs strategy makes perfect sense in this case.

  4. In China rebadging the Insignia makes sense since the old asian market regal and their current upscale Lacrosse are popular.

    I suspect the american rumors are just rumors. The Insignia showing up in the U.S as next Saturn Aura makes more sense.

  5. The Buick nose fits it quite well, actually. It looks good.

    If what I read is true, that Buick is going to (sadly) push the LaCrosse to the mid $30k range, they’ll need something in the $20k’s to get buyers in, and then retain them as they trade up. If Buicks start in the $30k’s no one is going to trade up to them and switch brands for a long time. Their current reputation does not justify it.

    I thought the upcoming LaCrosse looked good until I heard the price rumours. I hope they’re not true because I am young and I would consider the new LaCrosse if it is priced right. I’m the type of customer Buick needs to draw right now.

  6. and just one color…!!! LOL…

    the insignia is a great car, let’s hope that opel delivers on built quality!!! with a chinese built buick i hardly doubt that it will be rock solid…

    just like computers made in china… when taiwan was the major manufacturer of the world computers most were still good quality… now it’s a mess, even @ apple! and then the battery tragedy…

  7. I think this car looks better than the Lacross and should replace it in the US. GM needs to thin out its models. The Opel running gear would have better handling also and would be hybrid cabable like the Saturn Aura. I think the styling is unique enough that they could sell it as a Buick alongside the Saturn.

  8. Exactly, the whole thing reminds me of the lincoln. If i had any computer skills I write a program that compares car shape, window size, lamp dimensions etc etc and see which ones match up.

  9. Bob Lutz has already announced that this won’t be the next gen Saturn Aura. The next gen Saturn Aura will have its own unique exterior/interior design.

    I think there is room in Buick’s lineup for this car and the upcoming LWB Eps II based LaCrosse. This car is built on the SWB version of the Eps II platform and has a “4-door coupe” profile. I think it could serve to pull younger buyers into Buick showrooms (the “Invicta” name would be appropriate for this car). The next gen LaCrosse (I hate this name; I wish they would resurrect the LeSabre moniker for this car) will be larger than the current version and it will be built on the LWB version of the Eps II platform.

    If GM doesn’t want to give this car to Saturn or Buick in the U.S., then I would suggest bringing it here as a “Pontiac Grand Prix” to replace the awkward looking G6 sedan.

  10. I have to agree with 3:28pm.. if this is not the upcoming Aura bodyshell, it should be the next G6. Pontiac could then keep the current G6 coupe and convertible, which have the same swoopy styling as this sedan.

    The current G6 was pretty radical at launch, but the lack of styling updates when the rest of GM’s sedans joined it on the LWB platform have made it suffer.

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