New Jeep Patriot interior

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I think they did a really good job in such a short time.
Plus, the Patriot does look like a Jeep.
The Compass gets the same new interior, but it still looks like ass outside.

Next: new interiors for the Sebring/Avenger.
But again, the Sebring will keep the assy exterior design. I think there is hope for the Avenger. A pretty nice looking car that needs a better interior.

And some advertising!
I bet most people don’t even know it exists…

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  1. The major problem with Chrysler interiors isn’t the styling – not that it’s great – but the Rubbermaid ambience they give off because of the materials and finish. IOW, you have to judge these new interiors in person not in a picture.

  2. I drove the Patriot about a year ago and the engine was buzzy as crap and the interior was something out of soviet russia..other than that is was OK.

  3. It looks better than the old interiors, but that’s not saying much. Heck, even Chinese cars have interiors 1000x nicer.

  4. Interior fit and finish and overall quality are STILL crap. You can see the flashing on the plastic and it is still a poorly executed interior, just looks better from a distance.

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