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Again, the Golf/Rabbit’s sporty brother.
This time it gets a little bump in power, to 207hp, and the “new” exterior. Plus the real new interior.

I like the GTI the way it is now. So I guess this could only be better, even if it’s not “all new” like they say.

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  1. i know it’s not a really new or exciting design, but everything they changed, i like! headlights are cool, and the little red-rimmed grill.

  2. Looks great. It is a little more Scirocco-like. Maybe this will silence some of the whiners complaining that we in the USA don’t get the Scirocco. Personally, I wouldn’t have the Scirocco. It isn’t very practical for what is essentially a GTI. Give me four doors and a usable cargo area. Everything else is pretty much equal.

    The new engine will make a big difference even though horsepower is just slightly up and gas mileage is improved as well. I want this.

  3. front is looking a bit like the STI. Price-wise, will they be similar? Will the GTI-R with AWD look the same, cost more?

  4. The same wheels? Really?

    A 7 hp bump…all the more to run the A/C with I guess. I’ll get a used Mk 5, thanks.

  5. Side profile looks the exact same, same wheels too.

    I made the mistake of buying a MK4 GTI and I will never purchase another VW product and I drove nothing but VWs for the past 15 years. A friend of mine has a MK5 and it rattles like a 70’s Oldsmobile and has more electrical problems than he can count.

    They better price this right and improve the reliability or VW is going to lose their fanbase.

  6. I want to steal that steering wheel and put it in my jetta : ) I really like the changes to the interior..Bravo!!

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