Next “all new” Ford Fusion???

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This was sent to me.
At first I thought it was the new 2010 Taurus, but it doesn’t match the spy pics we’ve seen of it. Plus that cell phone shot of the car at the design center.
And it looks smaller.
I also remember reading that the next Fusion and Mondeo will share quite a bit.
The next all new Fusion is due in 2012 as a 2013 model. And it could include a version of the new 3.7 Liter engine in a sport model. So this could be the 2013 Ford Fusion. Or the next Mondeo.
Or… Nothing at all…

The 2010 Fusion is just the same car we have now with new front and rear ends as well as a revised interior.

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  1. Looks like a chop w/ the taurus front end and pontiac g8 end. I dont believe this is the real thing…and besides, it’s too early.

  2. The general shape of the car actually reminds me of the last gen Mazda 6….whatever that thing in the picture is.

    One a side note: I’m having trouble understanding the headlights on the new Euro Focus and Mondeo, are the high beams on the outsides of the car vs being on the inside portions of the headlights? Whenever i see pictures/video the low beams are on in the middle of the headlight instead of the outside.

  3. This looks like what a Fusion/Mondeo might look like for Australia.. seems they blended the new Taurus with the AU Falcon for this chop. While I’m sure the proportions of the next Fusion due in 2012-2013 will probably be very similar, it’s a little too early to fill in this many details.. the facelift of the current model hasn’t even gone on sale yet!

  4. We Australians don’t want that. Keep it for yourselves. We prefer our cars to look half decent.

  5. The new australian ford falcon looks weirder than this. The Commodore/G8 is much better looking and has been out 2 years.

  6. Thanks for pic, Vince!
    even tho imho it’s just a best-guess chop…
    and it’d be a pretty good guess IF that was coming out this or last year – but there’ll be a number of changes in styling by 2012-3, really this doesn’t even take into account the design direction that can be seen in the spyshots of next year’s intros.

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