Next BMW Z4 kind of like the old Z8?

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From this interior shot at least,it looks like the dash might be a little retro, like the old Z8.

The Z8 was an amazing looking car, with a great interior. It would be kind of nice if the new Z4 was influenced by it. If only a little bit…

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  1. It’s such a pity that BMW made so few Z8s. It was an absolutely beautiful car. Was it a conscious decision by BMW, to maintain its exclusiveness and heighten its value? Or was it an inexplicable commercial failure? I have no idea, but I would have loved to be able to see more of them on the road. (Actually I don’t think I have EVER seen one on the road at all! Only in showrooms).

  2. Hmm, the only thing I see is maybe the steering wheel? And then-it looks like they’ve put some sort of plastic cover over the rest of the dashboard.

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