Next Mercedes E class

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Now, this looks like the real thing to me.
What do you think?

Still, what is the deal (In 2008!) with these small wheels on a $50 000 car???
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Mercedes Wheels.

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  1. I think that the lower-body chrome strip angle makes the car look like it’s going to topple over from the front.

    And I can’t help but see Licoln Zephyr when I look at those rear lights.

    Nothing stately about this ugly car at all.

  2. I thought the current S-Class looked dumpy at first too. Now I think it’s brilliant. I’ve learned my lesson and will wait until seeing this new E class on the road.

  3. Yeah, this vehicle will look great in person, no doubt about that.

    Vince still can’t comprehend that Europe doesn’t care about large wheels and chrome….

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