Next Opel Astra teasers

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GM has released these teaser pictures of their next Astra.
Not much to see yet, we’ll know more in a few months.

It’s too bad the Astra isn’t selling in the US. So fat they’ve sold only less than half the amount they had planned.
How about some advertising???

No one I talk to knows about the car. Plus, coming from Belgium GM isn’t making any money on it. Let’s hope they don’t give up on it and find a way to sell us the next one as a Saturn again. Maybe building it in the US would help…

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  1. new Astra wagon definitely something I am waiting on. I think it looks much better than the current version…cooler look than the new Fit too. Hard to find a decent wagon these days.

  2. A buddy just bought an astra to replace his year old Subaru (which unfortunately was a lemon.) Besides the lack of engine grunt, he likes it a lot.

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