Nissan new Electric car concept

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This will be at the upcoming Paris auto show.
It seats 3 people only and is a pure electric car.

Looks like a few manufacturers are revisiting the idea of the electric car. So GM didn’t really kill it after all.

Even though I’m all for it. We should also be aware of the problems it might cause if pure electric crs (Or even plug in hybrids) become really popular in the US.
Here in California we can’t even produce enough electricity to run all the stuff we already use in the hot summers.
I can’t imagine adding 100s of thousands electric cars to the grid…

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  1. Vince, one important point to remember is that the VAST majority of elec car owners will be tapping into the grid during the night, when grid power needs are lowest.

    Also, as more elec cars come around, and the “oil mentality” changes, we will be using more and more of our available renewable energy sources (ie: wind, water and sun) to power the grid.

  2. An electric car is only as green as the electricity
    that powers it. Not to mention the toxic batteries
    of which we have no idea what the hell to do with them when they burn out. DEATH TO THE ELECTRIC

  3. california has always drawn more than it’s fair share of everything, therefore, Schwartzenegger and the rest of hollywood should invest in solar power as well as other alternate sources, it’s not Nissan’s fault they are trying to save the world.

  4. As others have eluded to, the problem has more to do with the power grid itself, rather than generating enough power. (Of course, we still aren’t generating enough power, but until we have a grid that will support it, we will NEVER generate enough power).

    What the US needs to do is replace the bulk of the power grid with High-Voltage Direct Current lines (HVDC). It’s going to be expensive, but it’s really the only practical way to transition from oil to renewables in this country.

  5. luv the nissan balls to lead this planet in the future of the automobile…….electric cars, wonderful….not like that toyota junk primus or whatever they call it. Junk is Junk at toyota, quality is Quality at Nissan

  6. Nissan is on the trailing end of leading the planet in the future of the automobile. Junk is junk at nissan. Look at the tilda or teeda or versa or whatever they call it.
    Nissan has been overtaken by hyundai in the top ten car manufacturers.

  7. Vinny, Google Nissan Electric car (Images) the third photo is a clear shot of the whole car that I just released

  8. Ok, I’ll give you a bit more,Dial Nissan Mixim on Google Images, there she be in all her glory!

  9. Vince,Your reaction seems right, but as mentioned above, idle electric capacity can charge cars at night. Pacific National Labs released a study on this point in Dec. 2007 that found that if our cars were all plug-in hybrids, we could charge 84% of them with today’s power grid. So the grid would be the problem for a long time. Also, greenhouse gas emissions would actually go down. See for yourself: .

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