No Orlando for us!

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That’s too bad.

I mean, really…
GMm really needs all the help it can get selling fuel efficient roomy cars in the US, and they cancel the small 7 seater compact that was supposed to come out next year.
How weird is that?
I se why they would cancel the next Suburban, or base the next Escalade on the Enclave platform. But canceling this small Crossover based on the Cruze???

Read all about it when you click on the title.

Thanks to Joel for the link.

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  1. I see what they are doing…they were never planning to sell this in the US, they would rather sell the more expensive Equinox and Traverse instead.

  2. The story says “7-seater MPV cancelled for the US,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean the Orlando. I’m guessing that they are referring to the Opel Zafira, of which GM originally stated they would be building versions for Chevy and Saturn, but then cancelled the Saturn version. They probably decided to instead build the Orlando in the US, which looks more like its Equinox and Traverse CUV stablemates and less Euro-tall-wagony, and it would be a natural replacement for the HHR in the Chevy lineup using most of the same Cruze componentry.

  3. It seems GM still doesn’t get it. Large SUV’s are a dying breed and their Lambda based trucks are their solution to fuel efficient 7 seat people movers? They need a Mazda5 sized vehicle with fuel economy in the upper 20 mpg range! I have given up on GM, let them lose their shirts, who cares. They will never get it.

  4. Its as though GM can’t afford to build and release anymore new models. I guess they just have to keep flogging their dead horses.

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