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With boring suits blocking the view…

But still, we can pretty much see what the car will look like. The only thing I don’t like it the quite boring color.
And we’ll have to wait a bit longer for real interior shots.

I think this car looks great, although the front end could have been a bit more interesting.
There is plenty of hype about it, that’s for sure.

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  1. Why did GM release these pictures with those dopey people blocking the view? Who cares about them? Get out of the way!

  2. Did Toyota release the first production photos of the Prius with grinning, balding, Japanese engineers making the thumbs-up sign?

    If Chevy were really serious about the Volt taking off, they would do their best to make it “cool”.

    These dorky white guys do not project “cool”. They project “We’re white guys in ties”. They make the silver compact four-door sedan behind them look like a Honda Civic.

    This from the maker of the Camaro and the Corvette?

    Even if the car actually DOES look like a Honda Civic that’s been to the gym, shouldn’t it be drinking some “cool juice” this early in advance?

    Yes, I want Geek Squad to do my tech support. But the matter at hand is who I’d rather have do me in the backseat.

  3. I appreciate your comment about the grill. The Volt grill and texture are totally fake. It is only there to make it look like a Chevrolet. The electric engine isn’t cooled by air flowing through the grill. Seems to me GM missed its chance on the Volt to break new ground with a sleek grill-less front a la Corvette.

  4. These wern’t “released” by GM, they were leaked. What’s all the anti-white sentiment? I’m white, and not a geek. Personally, I think the production Volt is a good looking car! Much better than the wedges from Japan!

  5. I think this car looks fantastic. I can't wait till there is one in my driveway. I'm so $@*&ing tired of oil companies screwing consumers.

  6. They should get their own pictures and not block the car. Is this a hatch? Sedan? Will there be variants?

    For some reason i feel slightly dissapointed, but I don’t yet know why.

  7. bland … looks nothing like the concept. what a hype!

    it looks just like a prius or the new honda insight.

    yeah, yeah .. i know the tear shape is the best for aerodynamic but comm’on they can do better than that. how fast do you think ‘normal’ folks drive to utilize the shape?? if this thing gets 60mpg with this shape… i can live with 50mpg for a better exterior!!!

  8. Vince, is your GM bias afflicting you again? How can you say that this car looks great, when you cannot see the whole car. All I can see with half ass photos is that its overall shape looks vaguely like a derivative of the to be released hybrid Honda. The concept definitely looked great. This one I am not sure. Are we sure this is the Volt? If it is, then GM did it again by letting people down.

  9. Just a way to generate more buzz about a car that’s unlikely to meet most of its expectations and/or will cost too much for whatever benefit it offers.

    Note that GM and the other 2 domestic drones are attempting to acquire U.S. Government loans to keep them in the business of burning cash while they pay dividends to shareholders, bonuses to inept managers, and reward slackers for not working in a “jobs bank” that was created by the greedy union.

    Auto manufacturing is alive and well in the U.S. with plenty of American workers building good products in NON-UNION factories that happened to be other than GM, Ford, or Chrysler because consumers know that Toyotas, Hondas, Nissans, Hyundais, etc. are (or at least have been) better choices.

    As for these “foreign” companies supposedly taking their profits back to Japan or Korea, note that Americans can and do own stock in these companies and the money earned in the U.S. is used to expand their activities here.

    So, consumers are rewarding better management and and rejecting union greed by purchasing an Ohio Honda instead of a Michigan Pontiac or Dodge.

    The Volt buzz is nothing but window dressing for a government loan application which should be turned down.

  10. these duds, the people , should all be fired. that car is hideous and disjointed. look at the black paint below the side glass….yuk! Looks like a subaru sports car from 1980.

  11. Its not that bad. People expect too much these days. Greed and unrealistic expectation takes over.

  12. For $40000 they have a right to be picky when it comes to the looks.
    I cant understand why the only thing, looks wise, that made the jump from concept to real thing were the stupid freaken windows, and they half assed that.

  13. I think the Volt is just another “blank check” that GM has signed to keep the public’s expectation high. Remember when did the first Camaro’s picture was released? A good 4-5 years before they can actually put the car on the market! Imagine this is a normal R and D lead time to develop a conventional vehicle. I don’t see how GM could achieve what they claim this car can do (diesel engine, lithum-ion battery, plug-in capability…etc.)
    It took Toyota almost five years to evolve the current Prius to the next one.
    I think GM will eventually produce this vehicle, but I am really skeptical about its overall quality and reliability.

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