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This is just an illustration from europe.
But I think it looks great. Renault always ends up with a sedan version of its Megane. I think everyone would be happy if it turns out half as good as this one.
And,again… Wouldn’t this make a great Nissan Sentra????
They do sell Renaults in Mexico. So they can’t be that expensive over there.
And we do get the Madza3 over here. For a reasonable price.
That car is exactly the same as in Europe. We actually only get the larger engines. For much cheaper.

I think Renault could turn this into a Sentra if they really wanted too.
But do they?

And more important, do you???

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  1. I think it will be the best move. For now, the current Sentra isn’t much of anything if you think about it. It is not that far off in size to the versa sedan but yet it cost a lot more. If it was made the size of the first or even second generation altima, I can see it with today’s price tag and not only that, it will be far from the size of the versa and at the back door of the current altima. Yes I can see this being the next Sentra, it will also take away from that mini maxima look.

  2. Vince, your idea looks great! But there is a logistic problem: Nissan Sentra is ensemble in Mexico and then is sold in the main Latin America markets just like Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Chile. On the other hand, all the Megane range is made in Brazil to be sold in other Latin countries.

    In the case Renault-Nissan decides to sell rebadged Megane in the USA, they would have to pay some extra fees and the car would get more expensive in America. (this car would have to come from Brazil). Besides, Brazilian production of 5-door hatchback, sedan e wagon is already confirmed to start only at the end of 2009.

  3. I agree!!! This would make a n awesome Sentra. Todays Sentra looks very cheap to me, although it may be a good car. To this day I think the best looking Sentra was the 2003 version. But this car totally blows it away. Put a decent interior in it along with maybe a 2.0l D.I.4cyl and I think Nissan would have a real winner on their hands. I love the c pillar.

  4. I see Renault headlight stylists are being influence by the Japanese in that this rendering has that ridiculous, blistering, protruding bubble light thing going on that so many Japanese cars have now. This is a nice overall design but that headlight thing alone sends me running the other way. It’s a retarded gimmick.

  5. Actually, this car is the size of the Versa, not the Sentra. Although I would agree that it would make an excellent new Versa.

  6. I agree.. Nissan styling is headed in a different direction thanks to the Maxima.. so I could see this as a bigger Sentra (though the body lines, window shapes and door handles scream SAAB) to differentiate from the Versa.

  7. WOW. the sedan looks WAAAAY better than the hatch. i was really disappointed by the hatch version.

  8. Zanin,

    A hatch and wagon huh? I would imagine they look pretty good. Not that they would make it to the USA or anything since they’re not 20 feet long, weigh 6000 lbs and have off road tires. (suv’s)

  9. I don’t agree with using this as a Sentra replacement. I think Renault has fooled around too much with Nissan’s designs already. The Versa and the Sentra look more like Renault designs with Nissan design cues. Neither car really fits in with the sportier looking Altima and Maxima (which look more like pure Nissan designs). Nissan’s sportier design mojo needs to trickle down to the smaller segments of its lineup.

  10. renaults are #1 rated for quality in mexico and every other market they are in and because of this, they have great resale value….I love it!

  11. That spyking knows his stuff. Outstanding commentary , thanks King, you really make this blog fun and enjoyable.

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