Saab 9-4X

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Seems like the pictures from the South American site were actually the concept from last year.
But this is the real thing.

And it still looks really nice.
The MPG numbers from that site didn’t make a lot of sense either. I think it’ll get pretty decent mileage out of a 2.0 Liter Turbo.

We’ll see…

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  1. That’s pathetic and dated looking. Well, the wheels are kinda cool…like a turbine (Saab is trying to tell us once again about it’s airplane history. Yeah, we get it already). Maybe other pictures will help.

  2. I love those rims, id be so happy to clean them weekly and savor them ! and saab has a hit on there hands with this model, it looks so much better than the competition, lets hope they price it right and not be greedy !
    > priced correctly = sales hit.
    > greedy = dismal sales.

  3. I really liked SAAB back in the 80’s and early 90’s. Then GM came and made it the most bland european brand. Then GM almost killed the brand with the Subaru and then the SUV. SAAB and GM in general are finally getting back in the game with great new designs. But to be honest this is not one of them. I don’t think SAAB buyers are really looking for a CUV. SAAB should be a 9-3, the 9-5 and a bigger car to fight the bigger BMW/Audi.

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