Saab Convertible drive in Europe

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As you know, I got to drive a diesel Saab while in Europe a few weeks ago.
I hope this tiny little movie gives you an idea of how lucky I was.
The car was really nice. The main issue for me was maybe the steering. A bit too light.
But the car was tight and solid, and it had plenty of power from the 1.9Liter diesel.

And really quiet as long as you get over 25 mph. Under that, there is no mistaking that loud diesel tractor like sound.

Even though this was just a few weeks ago, I do need a vacation….

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  1. Very nicely made. Did you do the filming yourself or you had a passenger?

    Did you find most if not all drivers passed on the left on highways but drove like a$$hole on city streets??

  2. Awesome job on the video Vince. The music was really good and seems to match the mood of this car. The visuals were nicely cut together as well … starting and ending with a pan up from the Saab to the Eiffel tower was a nice touch!

    I do have to laugh when I hear people living in sunny Southern California complain that they “need a vacation”. Here’s a tip for you: Next weekend face North and look far to your left … you should see a rather large body of water with some sand right next to it (enjoy!).

  3. vince, i think a good car for you to test in europe would be a diesel renault megane cc

    no one does diesel better than the french

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