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Ssangyong doesn’t only make the ugliest SUVs on the planet, but they also produce a “not so good looking” sedan too.

This Chairman competes in Korea with the better looking Hyundai Genesis for the local geeser crowd.
They used to offer a 3.6 Liter V6 or a 5.o Liter V8.
But the competition has forced them to come up with a cheaper version with a 3.2 Liter V6 as well.

By the way, this thing isn’t 15 years old, it just came out…

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  1. Id rather been seen in this than any of the latest Acuras out there this aint that bad ! and the front on this looks better than the vary plain jane genesis imho …

  2. So what your saying is that Ssangyong is the Chairman of the Bored.


    I kill me

  3. After seeing the latest Acuras right before seeing this, the Ssangyonggangongggong doesn’t look all that bad. Of course, the new Acuras are about as pleasant on the eyes as looking directly into the sun. This is pretty darn horrendous.

  4. It’s got 5.0 V8, MB’s 7G-Tronic, adjustable suspension, Hammann-Kardon unique audiosystem etc. It’s not 15 years old; you’re absolutely right.

  5. Holy crap, compare that interior with the last-gen Lexus LS430, its the exact same! The body looks very Lexus LS as well, except the front grille and lights which are definitely Mercedes. Definitely not original or amazing, but I don’t think it looks too bad. – RPM

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