Volt without suits

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Better without the suits, but still.

How about an interesting color for such a modern product.

I mean why do they have these lame pictures of this car they’ve been teasing us with for years???
If they want, they can fly me over to Detroit as soon as they want, and I’ll take really good shots of that car.
And they won’t have to pay me an arm and a leg for it either…

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  1. MODERN? *dated* The hondas are lightyears ahead and less expensive. Overmarketing does not a good car make.

  2. I like everything except the front window “vents”, that plastic black molding doesn’t even bother me.

  3. Looks OK to me. The real issue is whether its gas mileage and price will make sense.

    A $40,000 price tag is way out of line even if it averages 45 MPG which is what the Prius gets for a car costing in the mid to high $20s.

    Don’t forget the upcoming Honda hybrid that will give the Prius some serious competition both in gas economy and purchase price–supposedly $20 or below.

  4. I really hate that split window design on the front door, looks good on some cars but not this one. I know its there so the window could go down all the way but it just looks abit awkward.

  5. I think it depends on how many they plan to sell. There are alot of rich greenies out there right now who would love to seen in something as eco friendly and goodlooking as this. If their target is 50K or even 100K sales a year, no problem. If they are thinking 300K, big problem.

  6. The Volt concept was a stunning design.

    This, not so much. It isn’t an ugly car but it is fairly bland IMO. Chevy should give it a real grill or none at all. Get rid of the black bar under the window. Also, that window vent is just horrid.

    GM has so much riding on this car, you’d think they would have done a better job with fewer design compromises.

  7. It will get much better than 45 mpg. Remember the first 40 miles use no gas so thats infinity mpg. I think it looks good. A good compromise between function (aerodynamics) and classy/sport design. It looks much better than the prius. Stop this jealuous bitching.

  8. “Chrysler Cirrus/Dodge Stratus/Plymouth Breeze” – BANG! That’s when I realised it! You hit it.

    Party like it’s 1999.

    One thing, though…if this car becomes a hit, the design will be very “in”. I can see the stars arriving to the red carpet in it to mitigate guilt over their seven homes and $20,000 electric bills.

    And correct me if I’m wrong, Vince, but this car will only use gasoline to support the electric engine. That means it should get the equivalent of 100MPG, right?

  9. “Remember the first 40 miles use no gas so thats infinity mpg.”

    And there’s no cost for the plug in charging? People seem to think that you get those 40 miles for no cost to the consumer at all.

    “Wow, it looks more like a real car than the Prius and soon-to-be-overpriced Insight.”

    LOL… since the Volt will run close to 2x the cost of the “soon-to-be-overpriced Insight”, what does that make the Volt? Answer: A non-factor.

  10. I wonder how many problems and recalls will come about due to rushing its manufacture and release. How much time have they spent testing it. It takes years do do it properly.

  11. It seems GM has to hype the hell of their vehicle ages before they are released.
    It reminds me of that song by Public Enemy “Don’t believe the hype!”

  12. I’m shocked. GM can produce a Camaro that looks like the concept that its showed for a year, but can’t make a Volt that looks somewhat like its concept. The only thing that looks like the concept are kind of the front and a bit of the rear.

    I don’t get the black trim piece under the side windows, it looks out of place or maybe its the side mirrors.

    Good luck GM.

  13. Ordinary from this angle. When is GM going to wake up and realize that design matters? Car buyers use their… eyes first when they shop. Hello! Anybody there?

  14. Sorry, but how many people are going to spend $40k on a car that looks so completely ordinary. Should be $25k max or they should have used the prototype body style.

  15. yuk yuk yukitty yuk, what a yukky car, it’s just yukky, really yukky, Bob Lutz, I hope will go down as the man responsible for this major Dud, stop looking for gimmicks Bobby, just build us “1” good car, yuk!

  16. I acutally find this car interesting. It may be a shame that it’s not as edgy as the cocept but it still looks good.

    I don’t know why people are dissapointed with the $40k price tag. I mean, if GM does stick with the “no fuel ups for 400 miles” on this thing then the MSRP on this car is irrelevant. Owners of the vehicle will enjoy big savings in the long run.

    I just hope it’s not a “California only” vehicle as the Ev-1 was.

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