Volvo XC60 drive video. At 125mph!

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With no hands!

That thing looks so much better than the horrible BMW X3 or the hellish Mercedes GLK…

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  1. Beautiful vehicle, timing is just ok. Volvo’s aren’t really know for their fuel economy. They might have missed the mark going for performance instead of safety and economy. Great looking none the less.

  2. I like the lines of the XC60. Best looking mid-size SUV. Plus Volvo seats are always super comfy.

    Too bad it’s probably going to get crappy fuel economy, like all Volvos.

  3. Vince!! For once you and I agree on the looks of a vehicle. The GLK and X3 are simply ugly vehicles. This XC60 is a better looking SUV. I even like the XC90, too bad they are prone to quality issues. My neighbor has one and if she calls me from the Volvo dealer to pick her up again… without warning, I am going to sue Volvo!

  4. Agree. Euro wagons look good and handle better than any SUV or crossover. I would have put this one on my wish list but it does not have seven seats. I settled with a used ’05 Mercedes E500 wagon. My Merc is a blast to drive too.

  5. I think it’s idiotic for car companies to make SUV’s and market them as “fast.” You want fast, go get a sportscar.

  6. If I had to make a list of compact luxury SUVs to buy it would go like this:

    1. Acura RDX
    2. Mercedes GLK
    3. Volvo XC60
    4. Land Rover LR2
    5. BMW X3

  7. Im not sure if i would take this or the Audi Q7, but il say that they are the 2 nicest offerings, rdx,glk and x3 all have messy designs

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