VW Concept Pick up

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This looks like any compact pick up truck I have seen in the last 20 years or so.
It does have its version of the new VW face, but that’s about it.

I am not sure why they even bothered entering this market so late.
I guess these are still quite popular in central and south America, where the production version will be sold.

Because, this isn’t coming to the US…

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  1. This is nothing like the typical compact pickup truck of the last 20 years. It is a unibody truck, like the Ridgeline. But this one actually looks good. It should ride MUCH better than it’s competitors.

  2. Is this one gonna be front wheel drive or rear wheel? I like the way it looks a lot, and if it was coming to the U.S. I would definitely consider it. Something about it I definitely like.

  3. I would say it would be a rear wheel drive / 4 wheel drive set up.
    Ive never heard of a front wheel drive pick up truck.
    If it was to be a front wheel drive it would probably handle like a drunken camel.

  4. More evidence as to why VW is destined for failure in the US. They should be bringing this here, along with that Skoda Roomster, Scirocco, and Polo. People do not want a sports coupe 4 door version of the Passatt any more than they want a Phaeton. Let Audi make the luxo line and stick with cars that people can afford and would actually buy.

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