VW Scirocco

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Nothing new. I know.
We still won’t get it in the US.

I just saw this picture, and I liked it. I like this car a lot.

So I though to myself.. Why not post it on the site.

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  1. I really like this car too Vince, it would look better if we could get it in the US. How is your Malibu drive going, when can we see your review?

  2. This is indeed a handsome vehicle desperately seeking a niche. But it’s no Scirocco to my eyes! If only VW had looked a bit more intensely at their heritage.. they could have tweaked the styling just a bit to make it more visually identifiable as a Scirocco instead of a squashed Golf.

  3. 10:14 is right. The back end should not slope down or look so rounded. The back end should have a more fast-back, obvious hatch look to it. V.W.’s U.S. sales reps have no clue about their customer base. They are concerned about hurting Rabbit/GTI sales by bringing this to the U.S. Did you idiots ever consider that this car might pull totally new potential customers to your lots? Then I might look at the Jetta Sportwagen, or the CC, and the new Scirocco. Instead, I am handed warmed over existing models that bore me.

  4. Just came back from Europe and saw already a couple. It really does look like a squashed golf unfortunately….
    Among the other many new smaller cars it just doesn’t look that different. The Alfa’s look better.

    I wouldn’t identify it with a fast sports car, more like Golf GTI perhaps.

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