2010 Ford Mustang

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Not 100% sure, but these sure look like the real thing.
Unfortunately.. So I just hope they’re not.

The all blacked out front end just looks too weird. Maybe some special version or something.

From the official teasers we’ve sen from Ford, I was just expecting a bit more.
But that rear end shot just looks real to me.
We’ll see in a few weeks. Or before.

Thanks to a reader for these.

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  1. The side is the same. The back is mostly the same. Those 2 areas look good. The front…..all they did was widen the center part and they made the area around the headlights narrow…..I hate the new front. They should have left the car alone and just put an IRS, a 6 spd tranny, a stronger engine and some minor interior improvements to it. I have a feeling that the car in its current form is the best it’ll probably ever look. But that’s just me. Is it possible somebody photoshopped all the teaser picsand came up with this?

  2. If this is all Ford can come up with for the new Musatng then I can clearly see why they are having troubles. With the Challenger and soon to be Camaro coming out, they totally are missing the boat on this one. I hope this is not the new one and I am not even a Ford fan in general.

  3. Seriously Vince, you can simply look at the headlights and recognize these are a very VERY poor photoshop. Or how the hood line unsteadily integrates to the grill, and the wrong perspective on the horse. Sheesh.

  4. Wow…I’ve never seen something so fake. Those taillights are just the current one’s reshaped at the bottom. They aren’t going to look like that. The front end was photoshopped on and the shape of the rear end of the current Mustang was tweaked. I’m sure there were more things that are “new” looking that were hiding under the camo. This doesn’t show it because it’s not the real thing.

  5. ford , instead of focusing on the small car market , is wasting all their fucking time on this useless piece of old looking shit. I hate ford and will be pleased the day they are extinct

  6. There is no way this is real…
    As already mentioned, it is a very poor photoshop. Ford is doing horribly, but not thid horribly! LOL

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