2010 Toyota Prius

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Here it is, finally.
Familiar and different.
People who hate the Prius will still hate it. But it won’t matter.
Roomier, more power and better mileage will make it a huge it around the world.

More later.

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  1. looks nice and has a sportier front end. however, i don’t like the dash, it looks like it came from the 70s.

  2. If you look closer you’ll realize that this is nothing more than a rendering – the old Prius with the Auris (euro-hatch) front grafted on. As for the interior, it looks really weird but can’t tell if it’s photoshopped or not…

  3. This isn’t the real deal…imho.

    I’ve looked at the other image on another website, and the headlight housing looks different (up-close) than in this full body shot. (not to mention the lines looks suspicious over the hood and the fender).

    The other image looks like a photochop from a Yaris sedan…

    nice try, nonetheless.

  4. The interior is pretty much spot on. The Exterior looks pretty awful, I’m thinking this is pretty much a photoshop.

  5. Looks great! I like the fact that the shifter is now in a normal place, not to the left of the wheel like the previous generation.

  6. Is a Studebaker trying to push its way out of the front hood? Toyota just needs to keep pushing the nose out some more and bring it to a point and they will have recreated the front of a Studebaker.

  7. If this is real – or close to real – then I’m quite surprized. I actually think this is better looking than the Honda Insight concept.

    I’m not sold on that interior, but I’ll wait to pass my final judgement when I can see the actual car in person.

  8. That IS the interior.

    …and the exterior.

    Sort of.

    The wheel arches are bigger on the actual new Prius. And the headlights are…zoomier. And the grille is a hair bigger.

    What’s the mileage on this model? They’re doing an 80MPG+ model, but I don’t think the first release five-door sedan will be it. Prius is going to be an entire line for Toyota.

  9. It looks good, not too overdone, and a bit toned down. It will be good for the people who whine that a hybrid should look more like a normal car.

  10. For everyone complaining that the Honda Insight concept looks too much like the current Prius.. look at the new Prius, which seems to have stolen the windshield, a-pillar windows and front doors from the Honda Civic!

  11. Damn, can they suck out any more of the driving experience. We might was well be sitting at a plastic bathtub taking a bubble bath.

  12. I think it will be a continued hit as well, but, there is now ALOT on competition coming its way. Sooner rather than later its popularity will fad.

  13. The interior looks like it’s made from the same plastic used in cheap lawn furniture. Sorry, but there are better ways to get good gas mileage.

  14. that does look like a photoshop. the rear wheel is way too small compared to the front even with the perspective look.

  15. At least it will be out very shortly, unlike any of Chevrolets over hyped models which are 2 years away.

  16. Imagine the consumer clinics for this car…it must have been hell for them to decide on a final design. Even the previous prius had some of that "15 different people worked on this" look, rather than the Honda Insight concept. The current Accord, I must say, is tending toward some of that "clinicked" design philosophy, but it's what we've come to expect from Toyota. This is probably going to be their biggest-selling car no matter how many rebates they can shell out on the Camry, Corolla, Yaris, etc., etc…

    I have just one question.

    Are the !@#%&ing dealers going to charge a $5,000-$10,000 markup just to order one next year?

    "Gas is down, so we can charge whatever we want!"…

    A gallon or regular was $2.97 in Pennsylvania this morning, down $1.00 per gallon from four months ago.

  17. Like any produce, you charge what people are willing to pay. If Toyota wants to charge above MSRP and people are willing to pay it, who is the real idiot? Toyota they pretty much have the hybrid market to themselves so far, GM’s attempts so far have been an ABSOLUTE JOKE. Hopefully Toyota will keep pricing reasonable.

  18. Like it or not, they are here to stay. I know its a hard fact to accept, so just get over it. Im sure people must have much more to worry about.

  19. It’s the real thing… Compare this to previous spy pictures: thing missing is the back but we do have good renderings of that as well. The remaining 2 pictures can be found on edmunds (copied from priuschat before they were removed).Front is certainly similar to (Euro) Toyota small cars, not so great given these are cheaper cars… Otherwise at least Toyota dared for once to change it a bit more than the Corolla redesign and less blocky might offend less people:-). But I agree it will still be love or hate it design.

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