5 Door Audi A5 Sportback coming up

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A weird name for a pretty normal looking car.
I’m not sure why they won’t build a hatchback version of the A4 sedan. Adding 2 doors and a hatch to the A5 Coupe seems a lot of work to end up with basically the same thing.
So I guess this will cost more than the A4.
And I like hatchbacks, so…

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  1. Feels like this should be the next A6 instead… the current generation A6 never really looked quite as right as the one that preceeded it. The older A6 had a “4-door coupe” thing to it… so this would be nicer as the A6.

    …But its not.. just another nice Audi

  2. We probably won’t get it here in the USA anyway…..it’s a hatch. Too bad. Anyway if we did get it here it’ll probably be really expensive. I love the A5 coupe and I think this car would be an awesome addition.

  3. I am still waiting for the 2.0 engine to be released in the A5 coupe, will be interesting to see how much they price it at as a FWD model.

  4. Yeah. it is probably not for the usa. we don’t like anything ‘hatchy’ that does not look like a small wagon. the mazda6 5-door sportback didn’t do well here.

  5. Hatchback sedans never do well in the US. I wouldn’t expect the incremental sales that this would get could support offering it stateside.

  6. O.K so I know im not going crazy ..Im in Palm Springs and I just saw one on the road a few days back!

  7. Audi will one day be just as bad as Volvo in their naming schemes. It would just be so much simpler if the Sedan, Wagon, Coupe, and Hatch all fell under the “A4” designation instead of the direction they are headed in. I don’t know who they are kidding because all of those vehicles are based on the SAME THING. So does this kill plans for the A7?

  8. Not quite normal for the US since it’s a liftback… How many do we have of those here?

    The CC is sold in the US, so why not the A5 sportback? Don’t know how sales are though.

    This is not even close to production so I don’t think an A5 fastback is driving around already somewhere. Maybe it was the CC?

    Technically it’s a liftback not a hatchback but neither term is popular in US:-(.

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