All new Honda Odyssey

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The Japanese version that is.
Not the big bloated one we get over here.
With expensive gas, (And don’t fool yourselves, gas always goes down before elections, and back up after) I think there would be a market for smaller Minivans like this one. You can still carry 7 people.
And the new Honda uses the Accord’s 2.4 Liter now with about 200hp.
That should be plenty for most people.
Plus, it looks much better than the US Odyssey could aver dream of. And the interior adds a touch of class the US version doesn’t have.

How about trying this out as an Acura next year???

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  1. Vince said, “…How about trying this out as an Acura next year???”

    Does that mean it has to have a can-opener grille?

  2. Vince, Unfortunately, by the time Honda imported this fine high quality vehicle to the states it would probably sell for very close to 40G’s and who would pay that much for a 4 cylinder van?

  3. One can only hope the Acura grille would be omitted, especially on a van. I think it would be a decent addition to the Acura lineup.

  4. And cut into RDX sales?

    Although this will cater to a different market. Why not give it a try? Acura CDX?

  5. Bring them up in North America!!
    Hope the NA market will wake up and that others (Toyota) will also offer a similar vehicle pretty soon! My minivan is aging too fast and needs replacement soon…

  6. What would it be called, the Acura XL?

    No way would the American Acura management go for a four door four cylinder minivan. Something like this might actually replace our bloated Odyssey next model cycle as gas reaches $5/gallon again.

  7. Can someone please tell me WTF is with that enormous rear overhang? I’m sure it’s a fine vehicle and all, and the rest looks better than the garbage honda offers here, but that ass is humungously horrendous.

    Sheesh, I really do think Honda’s/Acura’s exterior designers do far too many drugs.

  8. I seriously doubt Honda would abandon the large minivan market, the current Odyssey is doing fairly well considering the van market overall is in steep decline. I’d actually prefer they bring this over as an Accord wagon.. a niche that all the Japanese makers left in the late 1990s. It would be a perfect competitor to the new Toyota Venza “crossover”, which is basically just a Camry wagon.

  9. an acura wagon would never fly in america. the rdx is having a hard time as it is. plus, i think this van is only for right-hand-drive markets. maybe the next generation will make it over here

    however, honda should still import the euro civic as the new rsx or something. that would be tight

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