All new Lexus RX

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Looking pretty much similar to the current model. Nothing exciting, really.
Plus, it is now a bit bigger and even heavier.
And the 3.5 Liter will get about 280hp.
Not really what people might want right now.

I don’t think this will be the big hit the previous versions were. Times have changed, the RX has not…

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  1. Its hard to say. But lexus have always played it safe with design and have still sold well.
    They will still sell plenty.

  2. Boring.





    I guess you don’t mess w/ success, but I would never purchase this vehicle with all the much more exciting choices available.

  3. That is a very unfortunate revision. WAY too much CR-V at the C- and D-pillar, and a bloated rear and front fender, will spell sales doom for this once classy SUV.

  4. That is one weird looking interior. How big is that nav screen? It looks like it has a 15 inch display.

  5. Looks like shit. Sucks becuase the older ones looked good. This screams Toyota Venza or whatever it’s called.

  6. I think all car makers are playing it safe at the moment. Looking at every to be new model listed in the last couple of weeks arn’t anything out of the ordinary or flash or a big non-production model due to lack of funds.

  7. Vince, This latest update looks like a ‘Hatchback’ now more than ever before. What is the point of reducing the cargo area in most of the newer crossovers when the original point of these was to provide a larger cargo area than a sedan or hatchback to begin with?

  8. Is that it? The exterior is certainly a huge disappontment. I thought it would look closer to the LF-Xh concept. The new Infiniti FX didn’t change much either, but they had such a kickass exterior styling to begin with that it’s understandable that they didn’t want to mess too much with it. Toyota/Lexus could have done better here.
    The interior, however, looks unconventional and interesting. I would have to see more pics before I decide if I like it or not.

  9. The tides have changed. Toyota is now massaging their designes to be more Kia-like; even to the point of looking like a cheap Chinese knockoff of an ancient Lexus from years gone by. I was always “on the fence” about this model. Now it’s just not in the running.

  10. awful, awful, awful. new Lexus front ends are getting messy and forgettable (witness the IS). i use to hope that once Lexus were established in the market, they’d come up with classy, somewhat distinctive designs. i don’t think it’ll ever happen.

  11. veeeeerrrrry amateurish, veerrry subaruish, veeery step backwardish……all in all , very toyotaish, they are headed for ruin

  12. cheap, weak, disjointed, been there done that look, old one wasn’t pretty but was better. I think their relatios with subaru are showing, they must be cost sharing designers. This may be a chinese copy of the Lexus and not really a lexus. It has to be, there is no way even boring toyota would do this. Although, when you see the supposed all new corolla?????? it could be the real deal….good luck!

  13. digusting front and rear overhangs ( way too much). they have creases in places for the sake of adding creases, not style. The all new Murano puts this to shame!

  14. The Lexus Blod just got Blobbier. I really did not think that was possible. Design wise this thing is starting to look like the Ford Tauras of the upscale SUV market. A blob is a blob is a blob!

  15. Blogger:
    What do you actually add to these conversations? You don’t seem to actually add anything.

  16. Well, I might be the only one, but I really like the new RX. Lexus was never good in photography so I guess it will look much better in person. The interior is also a big step forward imho except of the shift stick maybe…I’m looking forward to see this thing very soon!

  17. I agree, these are pretty low quality pictures but i think it is fair to look at it in the flesh.

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