All new Nissan 370Z

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In a shot taken from a teaser for the new need for Speed Video game.

And it looks even better than the spy shots I’ve seen of the car.
I can’t wait to see it at the L.A Auto show.

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  1. I think I like it, I don’t know about the headlights and taillights (I am thinking about the Maxima on that as well). I see some inspiration from the 240Z, especiall the windows and the shape of the roof over the driver/passenger area. I don’t know much about the Z, but I felt like I needed to compare the older models.

  2. nissan is todays world leader in design, quality and value. really and truly, car for car, they beat toyota and honda hands down

  3. Nice fat fenders. Iv’e owned 2 Zs and found them fun to drive and well made. Just sold my roadster touring. I have lost taste for Nissan dealers as thieves market for the GT-R. You vote with your almighty dollar I belive BMW M3 or new Acura or Lexus sport next for me. Lets see what comes next.

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