Chevrolet Cruze Interior

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I don’t know what you think, but this looks better to me than pretty much anything else in the segment.
Not sure when the all new Civic is due though…

But so far, this is really nice.

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  1. This is class leading! GM needs to hurry up and bring this now, not two years from now! Europe always gets the good stuff first!

  2. Totally agree with You – looks really well with the 2 colors style and much more “expensive” than I would have estimated from a Chevy! But lets see it in “real” first before giving a final judge. The CTS looked well on pictures too, but the “real” quality is…

  3. That looks bloody brilliant! I’d buy that for a dollar!

    In all seriousness, that’s one of the best looking small car interiors.

  4. Chevy shouldn’t be concerned with forecasting what the competition is doing for their next generations, they need to be concerned with producing the best possible car they can… regardless. Second guessing the competition is the “it’s good enough” mentality that hasn’t worked for GM ever. You can bet that Honda is going to do something wacky and space-aged, but Chevy and everyone else have to forge their own direction and not worry about nipping at anyone’s heels. I think this looks like a really smart design that should carry them for at least four or five years without a major update. If the materials are good, this is going to sell even better than the good selling (but lame) Cobalt.

  5. I agree, Vince. It’s both harmonious and interesting. I like the use of colour, too.

    The Cruze is going to be sold here in Australia next year as a Holden, and I think it should do well.

  6. I truly congratulate GM for taking this step forward. Ford is also making the smart move with their Euro models but lets hope it is more than looks these companies are bringing to the table. Americans want quality and a rock solid warranty. If the two super powers can achieve this than there is a fighting chances these companies won’t get buried in the ground. My only grudge against Chevy is that knuckle head emblem. A nice Silver C would look nicer in its place

  7. ” But lets see it in “real” first before giving a final judge. The CTS looked well on pictures too, but the “real” quality is…”


    The CTS looked great in pictures but the interior quality leaves a lot to be desired.

    By the time this is released the new Civic will be coming out soon and the Corolla not to far. They better make this damn car really good.

    Also, why the hell does everyone keep on saying the Cobalt is selling well??? To fleet sales it IS, not to private individuals! I don’t care how many Cobalts Alamo and Budget buys…

  8. I’m sure honda is already working on out doing this interior with the 2011 Civic. GM is showing off everything, but honda keeps the seals tight on products up until about a year before release….not several years.

  9. Most other car makers keep future releases tightly sealed. GM has to hype up everything which will build up to a huge anti-climax.

  10. Just watch. You can bet this color scheme or any similar one will not make production. Just more damn gray, taupe, beige, and extremely hot black.

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