Chevrolet GPiX Concept

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What a nice looking little SUV.
This concept will become production reality in Brazil next year.

I think this would work very well over here too. Even better with a 4 door version.
Let’s hope GM sees the light…

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  1. When you see interesting products like this not destined for our home market…you realize just how “broken” GM is…with no real sense (other than Pony Cars) what their customers need. They have simply lost their way and will not have the financial resources to recoup. Corporate Darwinism is in effect and they will not survive with the fittest.

  2. Didn’t you get the memo, Vince?
    We in North America don’t like this. We in North America want to drive Cobalts until 2020.

    GM reported today that it is selling more and more cars outside North America and market share is growing, but oddly fewer at home with shrinking market share. They just haven’t figured out why that is, but eventually, GM will get the memo.

  3. It seems GM waste far too much money on building concepts that never make it into production. How many billions have they wasted on “dead” concepts in the last few years??

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