Chevrolet GPiX

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This is for the Brazilian market only, so far.
And it looks like a concept anyway. One of these that are=actually very close to a production version.

It does look pretty nice. Maybe too small for the US. Or not.
Why not import this directly from Brazil, if it does meet all safety and anti-pollution standards required in the US…
It is based on the European Opel Corsa and will be getting a 1.4 Liter and 1.8 Liter engine.

Why not???

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  1. Great looking. It is funny you say “meet all US standards” Why haven’t governments gotten together and did something really easy to help auto makers, make international standards for cars? That would result in big money savings and might even result in a cleaner world!

  2. So far the GPix is a concept car to be shown next week at the São Paulo Motorshow. It is said to be a first glimpse of the so-called Chevrolet Viva to be launched next year as a replacement for the Corsa line. At first, the Viva will be offered as a 4-door hatchback. Wagon, sedan, pickup and crossover models shall follow.

    Tio Lin

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