Chinese Buick Regal delayed

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Not know why yet.
But some big GM suits were at the Chinese factory a few weeks ago, and now the car will be 2 months late. It will come out in December instead of this month.

Also, it seems GM won’t be offering a V6 in this Chinese version of the Insignia. Instead, relying on a few 4 cylinders, all with Turbos.
Like a 1.6 Liter Turbo with 180hp. And a 2.0 Liter Turbo with 220hp.

How about these in the US?

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  1. The V6 market is a little slow at the moment so 4 cylinders arnt a silly idea for the long term. As long as it doesnt underpower the car.

  2. This car doesn’t look anything like the Lincoln MKS. It is much smaller and has a “4-door coupe” profile that doesn’t remotely resemble the Lincoln MKS. The upcoming LWB Epsilon II based LaCrosse has a similar roofline to the MKS, but that’s where the similarities end.

    I think this car would make a nice sub-LaCrosse entry sedan for Buick if GM makes the decision to bring it to the U.S.

  3. Well they need to make a decision quick. They are just all talk and no, or very slow action and look where it got them.

  4. It looks like a mildly freshened Mercury Milan. Snoozer. Let’s hope Buick can do a little better than this in the States, or Chrysler won’t be the only one going under.

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