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Here is a picture of some GM suits checking out the all new Chinese only Buick Regal.

This is basically an Opel Insignia with a Buick grille.
Should this be sold over here as well?
What do you think???

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  1. Since the Regal is built on the Epsilon II’s short wheelbase platform, it would make the perfect stablemate for the bigger and longer wheelbase LaCrosse (which should be renamed Invicta). This would give Buick 2 modern sedans to replace the current LaCrosse and Lucerne.

  2. absolutly not!!! this will be sodl over here as teh saturn aura…. buick is already gettig its own midsize car…. wats the point?!?!

  3. Yes. The Lacrosse is a bit bigger. Better yet turn it into a coupe and convertible. Let’s face it Buick is sold to older baby boomers who are retiring to Florida and other warmer climates. They ditch the four door family cars and buy Sebring Convertibles and other 2 door coupes. Buick needs to tap the empty nester market. Call it the Skylark.

  4. “absolutly not!!! this will be sodl over here as teh saturn aura…. buick is already gettig its own midsize car…. wats the point?!?!”

    The point is that the Insignia WILL NOT be coming here to be sold as the next-gen Saturn Aura. Saturn has already said as much. The next Aura will be built on the same platform with shared mechanicals but will have it’s own unique exterior and interior design. It may also be built on the longer wheelbase Epsilon II.

  5. No no – Buick is already getting the new Invicta as an update or replacement for Lacrosse.
    Saturn needs this Opel based car before the year is out to replace the slow selling current generation Aura.

    What Buick really could use is a hybrid version of the Chinese Park Avenue!

  6. When did saturn announce they will not be selling this as the Aura…. Evberythign that ive seen has said that they will bring almost this exact car over to be the next aura

  7. meh. it looks like the new lacrosse anyway, why release it as a buick.. wait for the 2010 lacrosse and call it a day.

  8. confirmed at the time that the Opel Insignia will form the framework for a new Aura but he emphasized that the Saturn would have a completely different exterior and interior appearance.

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