Cruze in Paris

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Sure, the dark windows make any car look better.
But I still think this will turn out to be one of the best looking car for the price.

And they claim amazing fuel economy from the new 1.4 Liter Turbo.
Should be interesting….

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  1. GM better price this right.

    If they price this the same or more than the Corolla, Civic, Mazda3, they can call it quits. Only the most die hard GM fans would buy this over any of those three mentioned. Unproven reliability, poor resale, and bargain basement bits will kill this car.

  2. Side view has mini 5 Series elements. I likes!! All except for the corny huge gold Chevy bowtie on the grill. Gold is the worst color or trim on ANY car.

  3. I agree with the comment above about the gold Chevy bowtie. Gold looks so ghetto. Chevrolet should make the bowtie hollow in the middle or just simply make the entire badge chrome with a raised center section.

    I think the overall exterior design looks great, but I wish they would remove that black plastic slab off the C-pillar. This element cheapens the design. The car would look much better without the C-pillar fakeout. The chrome strip that runs along the bottom edge of the side windows could then be extended to surround the windows. This would make the car look much more elegant yet sporty.

    I also wish they would change the name. “Cruze” sounds so ridiculous. Resurrecting the “Monza” moniker would be appropriate for this car.

  4. This is the first time I ever thought this looked sexy. But add tint and a decent color to anything and it’ll look good.

    My Mazda from 1988 has a fuel door release switch under the dash…why use a remote?

  5. Looks good. More cohesive and original than a Civic or a dorky Corolla. I don’t know what’s in the water over at GM lately, but Chrysler and Ford need to drink some.

  6. Yep, just get it over here, and most importantly, don’t dumb it down! Don’t decontent the thing. I like the interior shots we’ve seen. I just hope it still looks like that by the time it arrives on our shores.

  7. Why not just call it the Cobalt. That is the car it will replace. You cannot fault GM concerning the Cobalt. Hell, they are having trouble keeping up with demand. I only have one open criticism with GM. They keep changing the names of their cars. Cavalier, Cobalt, Cruze… what is their Complex?

  8. This car doesn’t look anything like an ugly Honda! I get so sick of Hondaphiles claiming that every other car design looks like a dorky Honda product. Honda has never been or never will be a styling leader!!!!!!!!!

  9. I’m thinking the reason they need to keep the black plastic c-pillar garnish is because the eventual Saturn Astra or Pontiac G5 twin will do without it.

  10. Honda has an interesting styling and has been a leader with the former Civic hatches and it still has the gorgeous 3 and 5-door in Europe. But Honda Europe and America have almost nothing in common…in America they are mostly boring, that’s true.

    In Europe and especially Germany the Cruze will not break any records. They just don’t buy Chevrolet’s, unless they are small and cheap like the Matiz and Kalos/Aveo…however the Cruze looks really nice, but not better than the Mazda 3 sedan that will be replaced soon.

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