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Audi has confirmed their plans for all all electric car by the year 2011.
Unlike some of the previous rumors, the car will not be based on the upcoming small A1.
It will instead compete with the Prius based Lexus Hybrid to be launched in the US next year.
So I would think it’ll be larger than the A1.

But we are talking about a 100% electric car here, not a Hybrid.
It seems that within a few years, we might actually see more and more pure electric cars in our streets.

Just when we thought the idea was dead….

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  1. Its taken car makers all these years to give the prius some decent competition. How long has the prius been out?? 10 Years??
    Maybe toyota will have something better up their sleeve when this comes out if they are that far ahead.

  2. I guess it might be based on the A5 or A6? And of course ‘compete with Prius-based Lexus hybrid’ means it will be out of price range for the working stiff … north of $50k. kaching!

  3. Yeah, I can see the advertisements now. They could show cast members from the educational show “Electric Company”, with music in the background playing, “We gonna rock down to.. Electric Avenue… then we take it higha!!”
    Okay, I just aged myself, but you get the point.

  4. Why are we making fun of the electric cars?

    This is why the electric luxury car is a good idea for the 2010s:

    “Green is the new black”. Enviro = fashion. People already spend MORE money for everybody to notice them using LESS “energy”.

    At the same time, the resources it takes to create new green consumer products use MORE “energy” in the short term…before the products become profitable in the mass market. This is really why the prices are higher. Everyone would go bankrupt if they immediately switched their entire manufacturing infrastructure.

    Imagine turning your living room into an office for 10 people. You would make more money after the office was running, but first you would have to use a lot of “energy” moving all your living room furniture, obtain office furniture, and move it all into the room. At the moment you are done moving things, you have used a lot of “energy” – but once the office for 10 people is making money, it pays for itself over time.

    Luxury electric cars do not pay for themselves unless you have an incredibly cheap way to generate electricity. However, imagine a tiny electric car like that Ford Ka posted by Vince. The fashion of electric cars like the Audi and the Cadillac Volt will hopefully get into the remaining consumer consciousness and further reduce demand for gas-cars.

    The only people left driving gasoline will be truckers and the working poor. Imagine if the trucking industry went electric…the oil industry would hire assassins and there might even be another “terrorist attack”!

  5. Imagine Cadillac, Infiniti, BMW, and Mercedes entering the race.

    Lincoln and Acura maybe?

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